[scikit-learn] Regarding Contribution to scikit-learn

Adwait Bauskar adwait96bauskar at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 04:45:06 EDT 2018

Hello everybody,

I am a university student with a major in Mathematics and Computer Science
interested in contributing to scikit-learn. I do not have any previous
experience in open source development. I am willing to contribute to
scikit-learn on a regular basis.

I am looking for a mentor who would be ready to guide me in contributing. I
do not need any help in setting up the project or any GitHub related
things. I need help mainly in understanding the current code and a guide to
help me along with my code.

I have experience with Java and C++ before.

If any developer is interested and has the time to guide me, please feel
free to message me on this email. Also, I am sorry if this is not the right
channel to contact developers on.

Thank you,
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