[scikit-learn] Announcing modAL: a modular active learning framework

Tivadar Danka theodore.danka at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 02:45:25 EST 2018

Dear scikit-learn community!

It is my pleasure to announce modAL, a modular active learning framework
for Python3, built on top of scikit-learn. Designed with modularity,
flexibility and extensibility in mind, it allows the rapid development of
active learning workflows with nearly complete freedom. It is aimed for
researchers and practitioners, where fast prototyping is essential for
testing and developing active learning pipelines.

modAL is quite young and under constant improvement. Any feedback, feature
request or contribution are very welcome!

The package can be installed via pip:
pip3 install modAL

The repository, tutorials and documentation are available at
   - GitHub: https://github.com/cosmic-cortex/modAL
   - Webpage: https://cosmic-cortex.github.io/modAL


Tivadar Danka
postdoctoral researcher
twitter: @TivadarDanka <https://twitter.com/TivadarDanka>
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