[scikit-learn] Next sprint in Paris (july 16th and 17th)

Jeremie du Boisberranger jeremie.du-boisberranger at inria.fr
Tue Jul 3 09:23:35 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

On july 16th and 17th, there will be a scikit-learn sprint in Paris, in 
parallel with the one in Austin.

There will be an official announce soon with the location and other 

This is just an informal mail to ask if you have suggestions on 
topics/issues that you think we should look at during the sprint. 
Remember that it is a 2 days sprint, so we need things that can be 
handled in 2 days.

Whether you intend to come or not, any suggestion is welcomed !

Best regards,

Jeremie du Boisberranger <jeremiedbb>

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