[scikit-learn] Would love to contribute to this library that I fell in love with. I have a question! FIRST TIMER

Abhishek Babuji abhishekb2209 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 23:19:21 EDT 2018


I have just learned Python to a level that I can say I'm comfortable with
it. I have also picked up and learned Git and GitHub, and so now I'm ready
to make my contribution to this library.

I'm really enthusiastic but since this is my first time, I'd like to know a
few things!

*Must I know the underlying implementation of something to contribute code
to fix it?*

Explanation: Let's say, someone, tags some issue as 'first timers' and
'easy', and you want to take a look at it, see and contribute code/fix the

Should I know the implementation of what the fixed code is supposed to do?
or will this be explained when the issue is brought up? I have gone over
issues in your GitHub. but I don't think I've seen enough examples. I don't
seem to find this in the contributor guide.

If someone could help me understand the level of depth that I must know
scikit-learn to be able to contribute, I would then begin working towards
it! Because I have used it  a lot in my Machine Learning projects, so I'm
not sure where I stand.

Example: "The shovel doesn't work! Fix it! It is supposed to be able to dig
through mud"
My dilemma: I found an immovable rock in the mud that the shovel is not
being able to dig through.. so I'm stuck. Guess I shouldn't have
volunteered to help.

Just on a side note, to all scikit-learn's contributors, you're doing
God's work.
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