[scikit-learn] Suggestion to update the code for Segmenting the picture of Lena in regions

Rajkiran Veldur rajkiranvsgo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 23:49:05 EDT 2018

 Hello Team,

I have been following scikit-learn closely these days as I have been
working on different machine learning algorithms. Thank you for making
everything so simple. Your documents could be followed even by novice.

Now, when I was working with spectral clustering, I found your example
of  *Segmenting
the picture of Lena in regions *intuitive and wanted to try it.

However, scipy has removed the scipy.misc.lena() module from their library,
due to licensing issues.

So, I request you to please update the code with any other image.

Rajkiran Veldur
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