[scikit-learn] Monthly meetings between core developers + "Hello World"

Nicolas Hug niourf at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 10:11:19 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

Quick reminder that the next meeting is on Monday! *Please update your 
cards on the project board* so we can all have a look before the week-end.

We decided to go for a "scrum-like" approach this time: quickly go 
through everyone's notes first, then discuss main issues.

Anyone interested in hosting? I think we should have a new person each 
time, or you'll soon be fed up with me. If nobody speaks up I'll 
np.random.choice someone on Monday ;)


Time and date: 

Project board: https://github.com/scikit-learn/scikit-learn/projects/15 

Meeting link: https://appear.in/amueller 

See you on Monday!


On 8/5/19 10:31 AM, Andreas Mueller wrote:
> As usual, I agree ;)
> I think it would be good to call out particularly important bugfixes 
> so they get reviews.
> We might also want to think about how we can organize the issue 
> tracker better.
> Having more full-time people on the project certainly means more 
> activity but ideally we can use some of that time to make the issue 
> tracker more organized.
> On 8/5/19 9:21 AM, Joel Nothman wrote:
>> Yay for technology! Awesome to see you all and have some matters 
>> clarified.
>> Adrin is right that the issue tracker is increasingly overwhelming 
>> (because there are more awesome people hired to work on the project, 
>> more frequent sprints, etc). This meeting is a useful summary.
>> The meeting mostly focussed on big features. We should be careful to 
>> not leave behind important bugs fixes and work originating outside 
>> the core devs.
>> Despite that: Some of Guillaume's activities got cut off. I think it 
>> would be great to progress both on stacking and resampling before the 
>> next release.
>> I also think these meetings should, as a standing item, note the 
>> estimated upcoming release schedule, to help us remain aware of that 
>> cadence.
>> Good night!
>> J
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