[scikit-learn] Imblearn: SMOTENC

S Hamidizade hamidizade.s at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 12:01:21 EST 2019

Dear Scikit-learners

I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know how to use SMOTENC.  I

num_indices1 = list(X.iloc[:,np.r_[0:94,95,97,100:123]].columns.values)
cat_indices1 = list(X.iloc[:,np.r_[94,96,98,99,123:160]].columns.values)

pipeline=Pipeline(steps= [
    # Categorical features
    ('feature_processing', FeatureUnion(transformer_list = [
            ('categorical', MultiColumn(cat_indices1)),

            ('numeric', Pipeline(steps = [
                ('select', MultiColumn(num_indices1)),
                ('scale', StandardScaler())
    ('clf', rg)

Therefore, as it is indicated I have 5 categorical features. Really,
indices 123 to 160 are related to one categorical feature with 37 possible
values which is converted into 37 columns using get_dummies.
 Sorry, I think SMOTENC should be inserted before the classifier ('clf',
reg) but I don't know how to define "categorical_features" in SMOTENC.
Besides, could you please let me know where to use imblearn.pipeline?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
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