[scikit-learn] Monthly meetings between core developers

Nicolas Hug niourf at gmail.com
Wed Jul 17 14:49:00 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

The scikit-learn team have been expanding significantly lately: we have 
now 3 FTEs in NY, 1 in Berlin, and 3 (soon 4) in Paris.

To scale efficiently, I think we should try to communicate more.

*I'd like to propose monthly meetings* *between the core-developers*. 
This would be the occasion to:

- communicate what everyone is currently working on

- ask for feedback/reviews on some specific PRs

- keep everybody apprised of the latest news/decisions regarding the 
project. Some discussions often take place in channels that some of us 
may miss.

To keep it efficient, maybe we could have a hard time limit, e.g. 30 
mins. One person would be in charge of conducting the meeting, and 
another one would take notes. We would take rounds every month. While 
meetings and notes would be public, only core-developers or 
strongly-involved members would be invited to join the discussion.

I understand the time-zone differences and personal schedules will make 
it hard to arrange for all of us to be present. I'm not sure how to 
handle this equitably. We could have a document that sets the agenda and 
a place to take notes. For members that are not able to join, they can 
add items onto the agenda with their thoughts before and after the meeting.

Core-devs, WDYT?


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