[scikit-learn] Monthly meetings between core developers

Olivier Grisel olivier.grisel at ensta.org
Thu Jul 18 04:57:21 EDT 2019

I just found this planner to give it a try:


(Berlin and Paris are on the same timezone so I did not put only Berlin).

It's going to be challenging to find a timeslot for every body. The
least extreme timeslot for everybody to attend at the same time would


We could also arrange for a second timeslot later (that would be
Tuesday morning in Australia and China):


I wouldn't mind doing a meeting around 11pm on Monday evening from
time to time but it would still be very early for Beijing.

Just to let you know, I will be off from next Saturday till Monday
August 19 (big summer break :) so don't count on my for the first
meeting if you start the meetings  in the mean time.

Le jeu. 18 juil. 2019 à 00:15, Andreas Mueller <t3kcit at gmail.com> a écrit :
> On 7/17/19 2:17 PM, Guillaume Lemaître wrote:
> > I am +1. This is a great initiative.
> >
> > IMO, we could make it really regular (i.e., a specific week-day of a
> > specific week in a month), with a rolling time (for the time-zone issue).
> > In this matter, we could maybe clear more in advance our agenda
> > instead of trying to find a date which accommodates everyone.
> >
> I agree, we could do something like the last Monday every month and
> alternate between two (or three) different time zones.
> We have CET (UTC+1), EST (UTC-5), CT (UTC+08), AEDT (USC+11) so that
> seems super easy, right?
> (TIL CST can stand for "Central"/US, China, and Cuba! not confusing at all)
> I agree that we should be as inclusive as possible, but I also don't
> want to create the expectation that some people (not thinking of any
> Australian in particular)
> who already sacrifice a lot of their free time have to invest even more
> time to keep up with the rest.
> I think the idea of posting write-ups will help being more inclusive in
> that regard.
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