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Fri May 24 03:57:27 EDT 2019

Dear scikit-learn employees,

on the scikit-learn webpage (link to the graphic<https://scikit-learn.org/stable/auto_examples/model_selection/plot_underfitting_overfitting.html>) you will find a graphic, which I would like to use in a publication in an international journal.
I slightly modified the graphic as you can see in the appendix.
Of course, I refer to Scikit-learn in the caption. The naming in the bibliography is as follows:

F. Pedregosa, G. Varoquaux, A. Gramfort, V. Michel, B. Thirion,
O. Grisel, M. Blondel, P. Prettenhofer, R. Weiss, V. Dubourg,
J. Vanderplas, A. Passos, D. Cournapeau, M. Brucher, M. Perrot,
and É. Duchesnay, "Scikit-learn: Machine learning in python,"
Journal of Machine Learning Research, vol. 12, no. Oct, pp. 2825-
2830, 2011.

I would like to kindly ask for permission to publish the graphic.
Yours sincerely

Martin Rätz

 Martin Rätz, M.Sc.
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