[scikit-learn] Attribute Incremental learning

Farzana Anowar fad469 at uregina.ca
Tue Jan 14 10:28:48 EST 2020


This is Farzana. I am trying to understand the attribute incremental 
learning ( or virtual concept drift) which is every time when a new 
feature will be available for a real-time dataset (i.e. any online 
auction dataset) a classifier will add that new feature with the 
existing features in a dataset and classify the new dataset (with 
previous features and new features) incrementally. I know that we can 
convert a static classifier to an incremental classifier in 
scikit-learn. However, I could not find any library or function for 
attribute incremental learning or any detail information. It would be 
great if anyone could give me some insight on this.

Best Regards,

Farzana Anowar,
PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science
University of Regina

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