[scikit-learn] Upcoming: 2nd edition of "Machine learning with scikit-learn MOOC"

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org
Sun Jan 23 17:31:08 EST 2022

Hi everyone,

The team at Inria, with the help of the Inria learning lab, will soon be opening the 2nd edition of the "Machine Learning with scikit-learn" MOOC:

The content of the MOOC is visible here (we are still polishing details, this is not final):
As you can see, it touches all the basics of machine learning, introduced with scikit-learn, teaching much more than the API of the library.

We have put a lot of effort on being didactic. Anna Kondratenko, one of last year's participant, said of last year's edition:
"I did a #ScikitLearnMooc course as part of a #100DaysOfCode challenge and I just loved it. Scikit-learn creators managed to make it practice-focused and entertaining at the same time. Also, it is perfect for beginners since it starts from the basics going to more advanced level."
This year's edition should be significantly more didactic!

One of the values of participating to the MOOC, compared to just the material that we provide on the web, is that it is full of coding exercise, that are meant to teach understanding of machine-learning and coding skills.

The MOOC is absolutely free, and all the materials are open (in the spirit of scikit-learn).

While many people on this list may already know the contents of this MOOC (though, we have inserted many useful reflections), you might know people who could benefit from this course to learn machine learning. Please help us spread the word.

Pythonly yours,


    Gael Varoquaux
    Research Director, INRIA
    http://gael-varoquaux.info            http://twitter.com/GaelVaroquaux

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