[scikit-learn] is Sci_kiet-Learn the right choice for my project

Mike Oliver mo at globalsaassol.com
Sat Oct 8 04:57:50 EDT 2022

Dear Sirs,

I am evaluating SciKit-Learn for a new project.  I am hoping to find a AI Machine Learning package that can take a large dataset of objects that have various object types and attributes.  These objects are typically related to other objects, such as a server to a Wifi device, or two network routers to each other, etc.  When these objects are setup data is gathered about where they are located, what settings there are, the device type, etc.

With large organizations there can be thousands of these objects and tens of thousands of relationships, descriptions, settings, etc.  My hope is that with machine learning we can detect when an object is missing, or configured in error, or duplicates.

The question is, will SciKit-Learn help with this problem? I understand that we will have to train it to identify what to look for and then act on what was found and predicted to be the solution algorithm. Or instructions.

Thanks for your help,

Great looking product and already have the tutorial up and running and have installed it in my Django platform.

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