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I have found that the scikit image routine find_contours is easier to work
with than extracting the data from the ContourSet object as in the cited
stackoverflow example.  If you do something like

from skimage.measure import find_contours
cs = find_contours(array, values)

(where values are the levels you want for your contours and array is the
grid of values) then you get back a list of contour lines.  For each
contour you have a Nx2 array of effective indices into the array.  You can
convert to your lat-long grid by multiplying by the appropriate scales.
 skimage also has a nice routine called grid_points_in_poly which will
return a boolean array that is True for all points of the input array that
are inside the polygon to which you can use one of the contours as an input.


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> .
> > The data is plotted on a two dimensional latitude longitude grid and then
> > the height contours are calculated. I am looking to obtain the
> coordinates
> > of the contours(shown in red) in terms of latitude and longitude so that
> I
> > can use that information  to calculate the curvature of the contour
> points
> > using a least squares method. Is it possible to do this in Scipy ? The
> > curvature of the earth is itself irrelevant in this case and it can be
> > assumed to be flat.
> >
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> > Ashwin.
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