[Shtoom] Re: While listening to RMS give a talk

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sun Nov 23 03:00:51 CET 2003

>>> Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote
> at the Gnome Developers Summit, I started a gtk2/gnome ui to shtoom,
> which I mostly finished just now (except incoming calls, which needs
> testing).

Cool! I'll try to get pygtk built and check it out.

The easiest way to test calls is to do
./shtoom -p 6060 --audio-in=file.ul --audio-out=out.ul 

then run a second copy (or a copy of linphone, kphone, or whatever) 
a place a call to sip:localip:6060. Note that linphone and kphone 
don't have a way to listen to a non-5060 port.

The audio-in file should be in ULAW format - sox can produce it with
-c 1 -r 8000 -U -t raw. It should be 8KHz, mono, mulaw.

> Short term plan is making multiple incoming calls and other similar
> issues work better.

Ok. There's a couple of issues that need work to make this happen - the
first is that there needs to be an interface to make the RTP code release
the audio output and input devices, and then re-acquire them. These should
probably be methods on the Call object - perhaps releaseAudio and 
reacquireAudio. They don't need to close the audio - the audio code now 
has the audio devices as a singleton (using a module global, blech), just
a flag saying that they shouldn't generate audio. Hm. They should probably
generate RTP CN packets (comfort noise) while the call is "on hold".

> Long term plans are wrapping the upcoming gnome
> addressbook api and integrating it, and gnome panel notification thingie
> (probably will work with KDE as well, they are working on joint standard
> for notification. freedesktop.org are my heroes.)

Amazing. Gnome and KDE co-operating. That's gotta be one sign of the apocalypse.
> I'd brag about how it's so much leeter than the qt one, but I can't
> actually get the qt one to run. Different version of Qt, or bug? I have
> python2.3-qt2 v3.8, and Qt 2.3.2.

I'm using Qt3.1 - it's pretty standard on the Linux's I use (Redhat and

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