[Shtoom] Re: Thanks for merging my code

Casper Wilstrup cwi at unispeed.dk
Mon Oct 4 11:22:41 CEST 2004

Yup, I looked through the changes to the logging, etc, and thats fine.

One issue though. The reason I return zero sound in the BacklogPlayout
rather than '' is that this will cause the PCM to underrun, causing ugly
clicking sounds when the ALSA layer resets the PCM. The zero sound
packets are in turn balanced by discarding real packets when the backlog
is restored to it's maximum length. This is far better than having ALSA
buffer the extra sound bits, since this can cause unacceptable playback
latency to build up. Replacing the 0 sound with a low white static
sounds like a good idea though.

I'm looking forward to the day Shtoom phone supports conferencing and
text messages - until then I'll start using th IRC channel :-)

BTW, aren't you located in Australia? Just to get a sense of the time
zone you're operating in...


On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 10:52, Anthony Baxter wrote:
> Casper Wilstrup wrote:
> > Thanks a lot for merging my ALSA and playtback code so swiftly. Did you
> > actually try it out yet? 
> The ALSA code, yes - the playout code, not yet. I need to write some
> test code for it first. I made a few changes to the code - firstly to
> give them correct names/modules, but a few others:
> - print -> log.msg
> - wrapped a lot of the log.msg() in the playout in a module level DEBUG.
> At some point in the future I'll roll out a better debugging
> infrastructure, so that this sorta stuff can be turned on and off
> - made playout underrun return '' rather than an all-zero sound. I
> also want to look at possibly playing white-noise (with the energy level
> set to the same as the previous packet). Apparently this gives a higher
> user feedback score.
> > I've got several more minor fixes that I'd like to include at this time
> > - mostly for enabling the actual use of alsa from the options. Do you
> > think it would be possible for me to get an svn account at some point?
> Yep, that's certainly do-able.
> > Also, I'll switch to using the mailing list for future communication.
> If you have an IRC client, there's also #shtoom on irc.freenode.net.
> Anthony

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