[Shtoom] Re: Thanks for merging my code

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Oct 4 15:38:48 CEST 2004

Casper Wilstrup wrote:
> Yes, but wouldn't the right place to do the sound substitution be
> in the Playout code - the choice of which should probably also be
> made configurable?

Thinking about it more, it'd probably make sense to maybe make this a
mixin. I'll put the '\0'*320 back for now, until I can find a nicer

> Another thing: I'd like to make a class which implements converting
> entered urls in the dial entry to a real sip URL. This would be the
> place future address book lookups should be performed, as well as
> normalizing, eg. entering '600' becomes 'sip:600 at voip.unispeed.dk', the
> domain being taken from the registrar URL. Would that be OK with you?

Sounds like a fine idea. One future direction is figuring out a
top-level API for address-book lookup - a first cut at this would
be something like

lookup(somestr) -> sip:whatever
launch() -> launches an address book editor

That way we don't have to try and right the world's greatest address
book, but can instead offer platform-specific modules to handle the
given AB. The nice thing here is that we can then hopefully get others
to contribute the small amount of code to work with a particular
address book.


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