[Shtoom] Address book patch

Casper Wilstrup cwi at unispeed.dk
Mon Oct 11 15:09:27 CEST 2004

Hi all

This patch contains my preliminary work on an address book for

#cd shtoom
#patch -p1 < shtoomaddr.patch

The patch contains the interfaces for address books, as well as a simple
'default' address book, which stores contact locally.

Only the gnome gui allows editing the address book, while the qt and tk
gui's will do lookups.

If you (Anthony) accepts this patch, you can either commit it to svn, or
let me do it - you decide.

My next steps will be to implement the address book editor in some of
the other GUI's, and maybe start work on an Evolution address book (I
use Evolution for mail and contacts)

Happy hacking

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