[Shtoom] bug report: media port off by 2 error

zooko at zooko.com zooko at zooko.com
Mon Oct 25 14:44:09 CEST 2004


name: media port off by 2 error
to reproduce: run Shtoom behind NAT, let it use STUN to discover externally-visible port numbers
details: the port numbers returned by STUN are the port numbers Shtoom listens on, but the port numbers it puts in the "media" line in SDP are +2
more details: I discovered this while trying to demo a Shtoom-derived product.  I worked-around it by telling the other UA to subtract 2 from the RTP port in the SDP.  This worked, enabling the other UA to send media packets to the behind-NAT-Shtoom.

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