[Shtoom] ringring feature works!

Zooko O'Whielacronx zooko at zooko.com
Fri Feb 25 21:17:14 CET 2005

Anthony, et al:

The list of patches we're contributing: 

Now has several patches that I recommend that you adopt:

  * fix alsa audio to do the "isClosed()" method properly
It's a bugfix!  You want it.

  * CocoaShtoom/setup.py creates symlinks for frameworks
It doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help you either unless you use a  
revision control system like darcs that won't deal with symlinks.   
Click on the "more detail" button for verbose changelog entry  
explaining what this patch does.

  * fix bug in which the value of Mac audio isClosed() was reversed
It's a bugfix!  Yum!

  * play ring.wav on incoming call and play ringback.wav on outgoing ring
It's a feature!  It comes with wav files.  Whee!

  * move some tests from test/ to livetest/
As earlier discussed -- you may or may not want this.

  * fix bug in aufile's handling of stereo files
It's a bugfix!

  * Post the preference pages to the right place; Make checkboxes work  
Some web ui stuff from Donovan.  I think it's a bugfix so you should  
take it

  * bump up upnpTimeout from 6s to 12s
This made UPnP work on my network, I think.

  * add shreadder to scripts
Everyone should have a shreadder.

Okay, there are more to come.

You can clicketyclicketyclick on the web site to get unified diffs for  
any of these patches, or ask me and I'll mail them to the list.



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