[Shtoom] shtoom through NAT

Morgan Collett morgan at mcode.co.za
Wed Mar 2 16:21:40 CET 2005

I'm trying to get shtoom working on Ubuntu with Dafydd Harries's package.

shtoominfo tells me this:
Shtoom, version 0.3alpha0
Using python version 2.4.1a0
Using twisted version 1.3.0rc1
Running on Linux i686 2.6.10-4-686
Available audio interfaces: ossaudio, fileaudio, alsaaudio
Available user interfaces: text, wx, tk, gnome
Available codecs: speex, gsm, mulaw
Local IP address:
No UPnP-capable device discovered
STUN says NAT type: Symmetric
You will need to use an outbound proxy to make calls to the internet
And the mapper we'd use is: <shtoom.nat.NullMapper instance at 0xb7925b4c>

My ADSL gateway runs a one-line ipchains masquerading setup. What is 
this outbound proxy thing then? Or is there a better firewall setup to handle this traffic?


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