[Shtoom] audio corruption and twisted required versions

Philip Zimmermann prz at mit.edu
Sun May 22 14:42:45 CEST 2005

I suggest that two Linux distributions (out of many others) not hold up 
a fix for a shtoom problem.  Any shtoom problem.  The other platforms 
will need all the fixes they can get.  Especially Windows and Mac.

On May 22, 2005, at 5:09 AM, Dafydd Harries wrote:

> Ar 22/05/2005 am 21:51, ysgrifennodd Anthony Baxter:
>> I've spent a fair bit of time today on hunting down the audio 
>> corruption that
>> occurred when shtoom refreshed it's registration. There's been a 
>> bunch of
>> sanity added to the registration refresh, but I was still seeing very 
>> strange
>> behaviour on some occasions. In frustration, I tried installing 
>> Twisted 2.0
>> and making shtoom use that, and lo and behold, the problems went 
>> away. I'm
>> wondering if there wasn't some strange bug with the gtk2reactor in 
>> Twisted
>> 1.3 (I was only able to get failures when using gtk2reactor).
>> I'm strongly considering making Twisted 2.0 the minimum required 
>> version for
>> shtoom, but would welcome comments.
> Sadly, neither Ubuntu nor Debian has Twisted 2.0 yet. I've been 
> speaking
> with the maintainer about including 2.0 in Ubuntu's Breezy development
> branch, which would make it available for the next release in October.
> Hoary users would have to stick with snapshots of SVN made before the
> 2.0 requirement.
> It's good news that this problem has a fix, though.
> -- 
> Dafydd
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