[Shtoom] Mac OS X coreaudio

Hubert Pham hubert at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 15 21:41:50 CEST 2005


I've had wonderful success with the current shtoom (svn head), namely  
with running shtoomphone on linux. Shtoomphone registers with an  
asterisk server, places and receives phone calls, and it's all  

I would love to run shtoomphone on Mac OS X, but I'm having some  
trouble with making the audio to work. Specifically, when I run:

% python2.4 shtoomphone.py

I see:

app is <shtoom.app.phone.Phone instance at 0x593d00>
NAT pref sez both
audioPref is None
Installing coreaudio callback
Device name: Built-in Audio
Running: 0
Sample rate: 44100.0
Buffer frame size: 512
Output stream description:
         Sample rate: 44100.0
         Format ID: 1819304813
         Format flags: 11
         Bytes per packet: 8
         Bytes per frame: 8
         Channels per frame: 2
         Bits per channel: 32
Exception exceptions.TypeError: 'callback() takes exactly 2 arguments  
(1 given)' in 'coreaudio.audioDeviceIOCallback' ignored
Exception exceptions.TypeError: 'callback() takes exactly 2 arguments  
(1 given)' in 'coreaudio.audioDeviceIOCallback' ignored

...ad infinitum (but nothing else happens)

I should note that I very recently installed Donovan Preston's pyx  
coreaudio module from:


and I was able to get his test program to work (catest.py), so I'm  
confident that the coreaudio module is installed properly.

However, I noticed that in shtoom/audio/osxaudio.py, on line 123, the  
declaration for the 'callback' method takes in two parameters:

def callback(self, buffer)

...so my guess is Python is complaining because Donovan's pyx  
coreaudio module calls the 'callback' method with only one parameter  
(namely, just 'self'). It's not clear to me that the pyx coreaudio  
code I downloaded has an audio input interface, but Shtoom's callback 
() method (with the 'buffer' parameter) seems to suggest otherwise.  
Perhaps I have an 'outdated' version of pyx coreaudio?

Many thanks!

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