[Shtoom] shtoom on win32

tdc tdc at phreaker.net
Sat Sep 24 19:50:26 CEST 2005

I've tested several versions of shtoom on win32, but none of it works. 
Not only svn checkouts, but binary releases too (0.2 from sourceforge). 
When I use binary version, it starts up without problems and when i try 
to place a call from different machine to shtoom/win, shtoom eats up 40% 
CPU time and does nothing. When in the same time on shtoom/win is some 
audio source attached, shtoom takes 100% CPU time and hangs. When 
killed, other side still thinks it's connected, which is bit weird (it 
doesn't keep connection status?).
SVN revisions usually don't work at all, as there are several bugs in 
fast.py, rtp/protocol.py and maybe others (some of them are trivial, but 
not all of them).
OS used is generic Windows2000 Pro + SB Live! 5.1 soundcard with recent 
drivers and servicepacks.

Is there anybody with working shtoom/win? Doesn't matter if binary or 
svn revision. I'd like to know if it's only some local misconfiguration.

Thanks in advance

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