[Shtoom] Shtoom performance issues

Anthony Collins anthony at it.usyd.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 00:14:05 CET 2006

Hi Frank

I am using a number of EPIA ML based systems, running Debian 3.1 (2.4
Kernel), and using ALSA (with PyAlsaAudio 0.2). I am using the standard
Shtoom codec (Mulaw as far as I know). I am using OpenSER as a SIP
registrar only, but this is running on the same network (as all of the
EPIA machines). Would I see any performance improvements by switching to
a codec such as Speex? What is the best codec to improve latency on
low-powered hardware?


On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 05:09:44PM +0100, Frank Scholz wrote:
> Hi Anthony,
> > I am currently using the Shtoom and Doug frameworks for an application I
> > am developing that is used between a number of fairly slow (Via
> > 700Mhz) machines. 
> which ones? I have an EPIA MS8000, and shtoom is working fine on that.
> With a small delay which is due to trip-time phone<->asterisk<->shtoom
> in my setup.
> I even tried it on slower systems.
> I once had a delay of 4 seconds, not with shtoom, but another RTP using
> application, but there the reason was a firewall on my system going crazy.
> So the questions are: OS? which codec (I use  speex)? direct shtoom<->shtoom
> or with asterisk or any other registrar?
> Ciao,
> Frank

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