[Shtoom] Running latest CVS on OSX?

Ryan Shaw ryanshaw at SIMS.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Feb 23 00:54:15 CET 2006


I am trying to get the latest CVS code running on OSX, but am having
trouble determining which documentation is obsolete and which isn't...
What is the current state of Shtoom on OSX? I am able to build and install
via setup.py, but running shtoomphone.py I get "no working audio interface
found" and running shtoomclient.py fails due to a GTK2 dependency... do I
need to have GTK2 or can I run a commandline client?
Output of shtoominfo.py:

Shtoom, version 0.3alpha0
Using python version 2.4.2
Using twisted version 2.1.0
Running on Darwin Power Macintosh 8.4.0
Available audio interfaces: fileaudio
Available user interfaces: text
Available codecs: mulaw
Local IP address:
UPnP discovered a Linksys BEFW11S4 V.2 (Linksys Inc.) device
UPnP controlURL:
STUN says NAT type: RestrictedCone
And the mapper we'd use is: <shtoom.upnp.UPnPMapper instance at 0x132a4b8>


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