[Shtoom] Finishing the WxWidgets GUI

James 'J.C.' Jones jamesj at bebr.ufl.edu
Wed Jun 14 18:34:20 CEST 2006

I'm quite happy with Shtoom and the Gnome UI in particular, but for my
application I need to use the WxWidgets UI, including the DTMF dialpad.
The dialpad was never enabled in the WxWidgets UI, so, like any dutiful
coder I added the code for it. Unfortunately I've found a bit of a snag:
I can't get the current call's cookie. The SVN version of the Wx UI
never sets self.cookie from the app.placeCall() call.

The normal means for starting a call with Shtoom appears to be something
like this:

def doCall(...):
  deferred = self.app.placeCall(uri)
  deferred.addCallbacks(self.callConnected, self.callFailed

(paraphrased from the gnomeui/main.py)

So, in wxui/main.py I changed PlaceCall() to the following:
  def PlaceCall(self, event):
        sipURL = self.getCurrentAddress()
	sipURL = self.addrlookup.lookup(sipURL)

        if not sipURL.startswith('sip'):
            dlg = wxMessageDialog(self,
                '%s %s'%(sipURL, _('is a invalid address. The address
must begin with "sip".')),
                _("Address error"), wxOK)
        # have hang up and call buttons toggle

	# Make request for the call
	print "**** Calling app.placeCall on ", sipURL
        deferred = self.app.placeCall(sipURL)
	print "**** RESULT: Deferred is ", deferred

	if deferred is not None:
		self.callFailed(False, "Twisted did not place the call")

I also added a few debug print statements to sip.py and phone.py in
their placeCall() functions.

Now, sip.placeCall *does* return a deferred object which is intended for
asynchronous processing, but I'm pretty sure that phone.placeCall itself
is not asynchronous. So imagine my frustration to see logfiles like this:

2006-06-14T12:04:02.236290 [-] **** Calling app.placeCall on  sip:4321 at pbx
2006-06-14T12:04:02.236735 [-] **** RESULT: Deferred is  None
2006-06-14T12:04:02.241966 [-] *** PHONE.PY PLACECALL: Starting for
sip:4321 at pbx
2006-06-14T12:04:02.243743 [-] ** SIP.PY PLACECALL: No Failures,
returning  <Deferred at 0xB78F68CCL>
2006-06-14T12:04:02.244046 [-] *** PHONE.PY PLACECALL: Returning
<Deferred at 0xB78F68CCL>

So the line
        deferred = self.app.placeCall(sipURL)
immediately sets deferred to None and continues processing to call
self.callFailed(). Sometime after that, phone.placeCall() is executed
which calls sip.placeCall() which returns a Deferred.

Things are happening out of order and I don't know why. Please help me
fix this so that I can continue polishing the wxWidgets UI. :)

Attached is the full log of one run of shtoomphone.py. System setup is:
   WxWidgets 2.6.3
   Python 2.4.2
   Twisted 2.0.1
   Shtoom SVN HEAD
   Gentoo Linux


James 'J.C.' Jones
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
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