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Bible Expert Probes Difference Between Stories About Jesus and His Actual
Teachings Devine Impact Corporation
<http://www.glennkaweschconcepts.com/> Myths,
Dreams and Theology in Early Christianity, a book by Fred Stitt, explores
how early church leaders created stories to connect the life of Jesus with
Old Testament prophesy and common myths of their times, often sacrificing
important messages in the process.

What was Jesus' real message? According to author Fred Stitt in his
provocative new book, many of the stories about Jesus, including those about
the Holy Spirit and the virgin birth, are myths, overshadowing the important
lessons Jesus really meant to impart. Many churches focus on these old
stories and either ignore or de-emphasize the key messages of Jesus, which
are found in the Lord's Prayer, the Sermon on the Mount, the parables, and
Jesus' injunction to feed the hungry and visit the sick.

In clear, concise prose, Stitt explains how the New Testament is really two
separate books that have been interwoven, further muddying the understanding
of Jesus' true purpose on earth. Stitt integrates the best of contemporary
biblical scholarship with his own unique theories to discover the true
meaning of the New Testament. Provocative and important, this book is sure
to find a place in church and home libraries.

Myths, Dreams and Theology in Early Christianity is available for sale
online at Amazon.com, Borders.com, and through additional wholesale and
retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Fred Stitt graduated from the University of Chicago with both a PhB and an
MBA. He has done graduate work in the University of Chicago's Divinity
School and has attended many Biblical scholar seminars. A practicing
Episcopalian living in Wilmette, Ill., he and his wife have eight children
and 10 grandchildren.

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