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Tue Aug 7 21:29:42 CEST 2007

Davison's Inventionland in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PBS affiliate WQED will hold interviews for its new online show
in Davison Design and Development's Inventionland work environment.

"Pittsburgh inSite," a Web-based show focusing on culture and lifestyle in
southwestern Pennsylvania, will feature an interview segment where host Mike
Lee, former vice president of the Pittsburgh Penguins, interviews
influential public figures in the Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania area,
including 24 filmed in Inventionland. With faux trees, innovative sets and
novel lounges, this unique environment offers numerous settings to relax and
inspire guests.

"Inventionland makes for the perfect setting for a show like this," said
George Davison, CEO of Davison Design and Development and Lee's first guest.
"It was created to inspire the creative mind, so it isn't surprising that it
will fit so well for this program."

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