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Jerry Katzman Md, Why fish oil is actually good for you.

When you're thinking of things that are good for you, fish oil probably
isn't first on the list you come up with. In fact, the sound of fish oil may
not be appealing to you at all.

What you may not realize is that fish oil is not only good for you, it may
actually save your life!
What's In It?

Why is fish oil so good for you? It's what's inside that counts. Fish oil
contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for the
proper growth, maintenance and functioning of the body.

DHA is a major component of your brain, nerve and retinal membranes. Your
body cannot produce DHA on its own so you need to get it through outside
sources like fish, nuts and health-food supplements.

EPA is another component of fish oil pills. This essential fatty acid has
been linked to good and a lower incidence of several types of cancer. Like
DHA, your body cannot produce EPA on its own so you need a diet high in
Omega 3 in order to meet your body's needs.

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