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Howard Wilner says, compact pickups aren't what they used to be. For one
thing, they're no longer compact. They are also more comfortable and more
capable than ever before. Most of the major players have been completely
re-engineered within the past three years. With so many good trucks
available, this is a fine time to be shopping.

If one truck stands out from this generally outstanding pack, it's the
Toyota Tacoma. It offers a comfortable cab, a refined ride, responsive
handling, proven off-road capability, and quality construction. The Double
Cab offers more rear-seat comfort than most of the competition, with enough
room to rival a small sedan. Properly equipped V6 models are rated to tow up
to 6,500 pounds.

For 2007, Tacoma comes with larger seats for enhanced interior comfort,
while chrome-rimmed instruments and all-new audio head units brighten its
two-tone instrument panel. Seats on some Access Cab models feature a walk-in
memory function. And the optional Vehicle Stability Control now comes with
an off switch.
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