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Casper, WY (PRWeb) March 28, 2007 -- Anything RV, Inc announces the launch
of its Anything Trucker Equipment Auction available at its Anything Trucker
web-site that lets users buy and sell items in an auction format. The intent
of the Anything Trucker Equipment Auction is to provide our RV, trucker and
boating customers an opportunity to sell their equipment and accessories in
a highly focused on-line environment, evidenced by our various on-line
marketplace operations. In other words, customer prospects are already
shopping and the availability of the Anything Trucker Equipment Auction will
improve the probability of an interested buyer finding the sellers listing.

Registered users may place items up for auction and may bid on other user's
items. To register, user's must provide name, address, as well as their
email address and must be 18 years of age or older.

When selling an item, users must enter a description, upload a photograph
and indicate the minimum or reserve price for the item. The user may also
indicate what payments will be accepted, method of payment, terms of sale,
transfer of title and who will pay for shipping.

Sellers are notified by email when an auction is concluded. If a winner
exists, the winner an seller are provided each other's contact information.

Buyers will have an opportunity to purchase via a variety of standard
process's, including credit cards, paypal, checks or wire transfer as
determined by the seller of the equipment.

Anything Trucker Equipment Auction announces that it will waive its listing
fee and other add-on features for the first 90 days beginning April 1, 2007;
however, a $50.00 transaction fee is charged, only when a sale is concluded.

According to Jean Morgan, President of Anything RV, Inc.(TM), "The Anything
Trucker Equipment Auction is an example of our effort to provide customers
another valuable service while creating a one-stop shopping experience at
each on our on-line stores. Customers buying or selling motor-homes, travel
trailers, campers, commercial trucks and trailers as well as boats and
motors will find this system to be of great benefit. The Equipment Auction
feature has the potential to expand our product sales while providing
another source of income from the anything network."
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