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1.Not Your Normal Country Girl (Stephanie Williams/Dan Williams) Dan Agency

Looking at this album and looking at my experiences, I realized that
this is how I have always seen myself, as not your normal country
girl. I felt like I needed a song that would explain my style of music
and why I am who I am. I wanted a song that would capture the whole
album. And I knew I wanted it to be a rocking one. So we wrote this
one last. I knew the album was complete when I wrote Not Your Normal
Country Girl.

2.D-R-U-N-K (Stephanie Williams/Dan Williams/Jerry Kimbrough) Dan Agency

We were having a bad day. We were sitting on the couch, and our son
was playing in front of us. I looked at Dan and said, I'd love to get
D-R-U-N-K, spelling it because I couldn't say it with our son in the
room. We're both writers, so we just looked at each other with light
bulbs going off over our heads. We wrote the title down and saved it
for later.

You don't hear a lot of songs about how moms feel. You always have to
be so politically correct and not say these things out loud. We wrote
it with the idea that you can spell it, and you can dream about it,
but you probably don't get to go out and experience it.

3.Her Idea of Fun (Stephanie Williams/Dan Williams/Ron Galloway)

This is a fun, pop, party-girl song. I really wanted to test out that
writing style with this song. Sheryl Crow is a great influence on me,
and I like to think that this is similar to the kind of records she
makes. Anyway, when I wrote it, I just got in that frame of mind. I
was just going to be quirky and funny with what I put together.

4.PhD in M-E-N (Stephanie Williams/Dan Williams/Ron Galloway)

This is a song for girls. I feel like that's my NASCAR song, because
it rocks. It's the girly version of being a tough girl. Dan and I
wrote a lot of those lyrics together, so that was a lot of fun.

5.Fall at Your Feet (Neil Finn) - Dan Agency

That was the first song that Dan and I recorded together. Knowing my
voice and knowing the direction that I wanted to go, he just knew
right at that moment exactly what he wanted to do with the song. It's
a real pinnacle for me, because it was my first time to work with him
not just singing commercials. For the first time, he was the producer
and I was the singer. The song comes from the Australian pop band
Crowded House.

6.Destiny (Stephanie Williams/Dan Williams) - Dan Agency

Destiny was Dan and mine's song to each other. I guess it's the most
personal song on the album. One of my favorite albums of all time is
Dusty in Memphis. One of the things I love about that album is that
you're going through it and all of a sudden "The Windmills of Your
Mind" pops in. That's the way I hope this hits people when they

7.Time To Do Some Changin' (Dan Willaims) - Dan Agency

Dan took an old instrumental track that he had recorded for another
project, but never used. I just loved the track and told him, I'd love
to have a new song for this track." He wrote 60 seconds of it, sang it
and sent it to CMT for a documentary they were doing about Ronald
Reagan called True Grit. They loved it and said, "Finish the song." So
he ended up writing a full song out of it, and I wound up on the
soundtrack of the CMT show.

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