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The Changing Nature of Personal Information

Americans continue to expect control over their personal information,
but have softened some of their views about privacy.The nature of
personal information is changing in the age of Web 2.0

Searching for Self: "Curiouser and Curiouser"

47% of internet users have searched for information about themselves
online, up from just 22% five years ago.

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11% of internet users have a job that requires them to self-promote or
market their name online.

Those motivated by work-related expectations are more active in
monitoring their presence online. Public personae are more likely to
say that a wide range of personal content (both creative and mundane
in nature) is available online. However, public personae have not
widely embraced social networking tools for professional or personal

One in five working adults in the U.S. say their employer has policies or
guidelines about self-presentation online. Few regularly repeat their
personal name searches. Most who have the inclination to conduct a
personal name search find relevant results. Those who search for their
own name see a familiar footprint. Nearly nine in ten internet users
who locate information about themselves say that most of what they
find is accurate, up from 74% five years ago.

Measuring Our Online Footprint: The Trails of 2.0

One in three online adults say their home address and information
about who they work for is available online. Many users are uncertain
about the availability of their email address. Just one in ten
internet users believe that information about their political party
affiliation is available online. Users often share "second degree"
personal information through content posted on social media sites.

One in three adult internet users has posted creative content online.
Social Networking Profiles: With adults, transparency is the norm.
Most internet users feel as though it would be "pretty easy" for
someone to locate or contact them based on the information available
about them online. Young adults, many of whom maintain a profile on a
social networking site, are more likely than other internet users to
believe it would be "very difficult" for someone to locate or contact

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