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With a better understanding of these benefits, it's easy to see why
many design / build contractors, construction managers and savvy
building owners are opting for tilt-up over steel buildings or
traditional construction. Toubl Construction Delivering value, speed
and responsiveness, quality, durability, reduced construction costs,
and ongoing cost savings in operating expenses, tiltwall construction
is the best choice for a wide range of commercial construction
projects. Jeremy Toubl
The term "steel building" is often associated with simple storage
sheds and basic structures. With advancements in the industry over the
past forty years, however, steel buildings have broken that stereotype
and are being used for an ever-growing list of larger and more complex
applications. Acworth Exteriors Steel has found its way into advanced
farm buildings, riding arenas, aircraft hangers, commercial centers
and more.
While steel is reasonably durable, concrete remains the material of
choice for buildings that require less upkeep and maintenance over the
years. Concrete is impervious to corrosion, rotting, rust or insect
infestation; tiltwall buildings created in the 1940s are still
standing today with little apparent wear. Toubl Contracting  The fact
that builders in earthquake-prone California now use tilt-up
construction for 90% of their single-story commercial buildings
indicates that concrete buildings are cost-competitive and extremely
When factoring in potential repairs and ongoing maintenance, it's
apparent that the real dollar difference between operating a steel
building and a concrete building can be significant. Toubl
Construction Further, the added fire safety and durability of a
concrete building will usually be reflected in lower insurance
premiums. Acworth Exteriors If the owner decides to sell the property,
they will most likely find that a tilt-up or other concrete building
depreciates less and than a steel building will. Jeremy Toubl
Up until now the previous articles focused on buildings made entirely
of steel. An important fact to remember is that the use of steel in
building is not necessarily exclusive of concrete or blocks. In larger
or more sophisticated projects the different raw materials and
construction methods are frequently used together. Toubl Contracting

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