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There is a promising preliminary evidence, that ω−3 fatty acids
supplementation might be helpful in cases of depression and anxiety.
Jerry Katzman Ophthalmologist Studies report highly significant
improvement from ω−3 fatty acids supplementation alone and in
conjunction with medication.
Some research suggests that fish oil intake may reduce the risk of
ischemic and thrombotic stroke. Jerry Katzman Ophthalmologist However,
very large amounts may actually increase the risk of hemorrhagic
stroke (see below). Lower amounts are not related to this risk. 3
grams of total EPA/DHA daily are considered safe with no increased
risk of bleeding involved and many studies used substantially higher
doses without major side effects (for example: 4.4 grams EPA/2.2 grams
DHA in 2003 study).
Several studies report possible anti-cancer effects of ω−3 fatty acids
(particularly breast, colon and prostate cancer). No clear conclusion
can be drawn at this time, however.
Jerry Katzman Ophthalmologist Psychological disorders

ω−3 fatty acids are known to have membrane-enhancing capabilities in
brain cells. One medical explanation is that ω−3 fatty acids play a
role in the fortification of the myelin sheaths. Not coincidentally,
ω−3 fatty acids comprise approximately eight percent of the average
human brain according to a pioneer in fatty acid research. University
of Minnesota, another major researcher in studying essential fatty
acids, who gave it the name, surmised how ω−3 components are analogous
to the human brain by stating that "DHA is structure, EPA is
Jerry Katzman Ophthalmologist A benefit of ω−3 fatty acids is helping
the brain to repair damage by promoting neuronal growth. In a
six-month study involving people with schizophrenia and Huntington's
disease who were treated with EPA or a placebo, the placebo group had
clearly lost cerebral tissue, while the patients given the supplements
had a significant increase of grey and white matter.

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