[Soap-Python] web2py 1.82.1 released with PySimpleSoap v1.02a

Mariano Reingart reingart at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 06:43:13 CEST 2010


Since current release (1.82.1), web2py includes "full-stack" support
to expose and consume webservices using PySimpleSoap, complementing
previous json and xml_rpc infrastructure with a similar (and simple)

Since last versions, PySimpleSoap 1.02a changes includes:
 * Improved WSDL Support (fixed some interoperability issues with .NET
an JBoss WS)
 * Raw request/response enhancements (useful for xsd:anyType and
custom/advanced operations)
 * More wiki documentation, including WSDL examples, basic compliance
tests and generic benchmarks
 * Minor adjustments (unicode, namespace and faults detection,
compatibility issues, soap1.1/1.2, etc.)
 * Code clean-up and some naming convention / API changes

Although I did my best effort to test this library against other
python solutions, that tests are not complete and in some cases
serious issues were found with some libraries that prevent any further
analysis (they are documented in the project site, feel free to
contact me regarding this, especially if you encounter any mistake /
have further testing scenarios, see bellow).

A sample online testing service is exposed, just in case anyone wants
help us doing his own tests:
A webpage containing the description and example xml messages can be found at:

If other libraries have similar testing services, I'll be glad to test
them with this solution and share the results.

More information at:

Any advice is welcome,

Best regards,

Mariano Reingart

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