[Soap-Python] soaplib's new maintainer

Burak Arslan burak.arslan at arskom.com.tr
Tue Nov 23 03:09:23 CET 2010

 On 11/23/10 03:42, Brad Allen wrote:
> We've gotten a bit delayed on the beta release; the main holdup right
> now is getting the GitHub issues migrated over to the new GitHub repo.
> We wanted the "official" repo to be owned by an organization instead
> of an individual; the name we came up with is slightly silly but
> should serve the purpose.
> If you want to become a core contributor, you'll be joining the
> "soapapistas" group on Github. :-)  If anyone comes up with a better
> name, let me know.

hi brad,

i'm afraid i'm a bit disappointed in this announcement.

i don't see why you'd need to have a new organization, especially when
it's so much of a hassle. soaplib was, before migration to
arskom/soaplib organization, watched by more than 50 people. we're yet
to reach that number. and that migration happened because 1) it was
jkp's personal repo and not a proper organization, 2) i had to rewrite
git history to deal with previous screw-ups, so we needed a new repo anyway.

so please explain why you absolutely need to migrate to a new
organization. the way i see it, it brings nothing positive to the table
and hinders what little traction the project has.

that said, i own both github.com/rpclib and github.com/soaplib
organizations. so if you're adamant on migration, can come up with a
proper excuse, and you're after a less ridiculous name, i can grant you
rights on those addresses.

best regards,

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