[Soap-Python] rpclib and unicode strings

Frank Millman frank at chagford.com
Mon Feb 20 07:03:17 CET 2012

azurIt wrote:
> I think it will be much cleaner to have Unicode = unicode and 
> String = str. rpclib is beta anyway, backward incompatibility 
> is/shoud be expected, so keep what is commited in your fork 
> (but add a huge notice in changelog for other users). I will 
> fix it on my side :)  thank you!
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> >On 02/19/12 21:36, azurIt wrote:
> >> Looks fine so now i have to replace all 'String' types 
> with 'Unicode'?
> >>
> >> azur
> >
> >with the current state of  things, yeah. I could however 
> switch back to 
> >old way, where String = Unicode and real string is hidden as _String.
> >
> >what do you think? is it a huge backwards compatibility break ? or a 
> >minor one?
> >

I don't follow all the implications of this thread, but I thought I should
mention that in python3, unicode and str are identical. If you pass 'bytes'
into etree.fromstring, you get bytes back. If you pass 'str' into
etree.fromstring, you get a (unicode) string back.

Here is your previous example run using python 3.2 -

This one uses bytes (note the 'b' at the front of the string) -

>>> a = etree.fromstring(b'<?xml version="1.0"
>>> a[0].text
>>> a = etree.fromstring(b'<?xml version="1.0"
>>> a[0].text

This one uses unicode, so no 'encoding' is needed (it raises an error if you
try) -

>>> a = etree.fromstring('<?xml
>>> a[0].text
>>> a = etree.fromstring('<?xml
>>> a[0].text

I don't know if this is important, but I thought I should point it out.

Frank Millman

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