[Soc2006] Decision Procedure

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Sat May 6 21:21:36 CEST 2006

Walter Dörwald wrote:
> Alex Lang wrote:
>>I'd like to know how will proposals get accepted within the PSF? Do
>>mentors simply choose which proposal they want to mentor or does the
>>PSF choose as a group and attributes the projects to mentors?
> I'd like to know that too, especially as there are two proposals for the
> same project (which is a project idea from the wiki). One option would
> be to accept one proposal and reject the other one (maybe based on the
> quality of the proposal or the stated knowledge of the student). Another
> option would be to split the project into two parts. This should work
> for this project because it's basically implementing a GUI in two
> different GUI toolkits, so the project results could be judged
> separately. So is it allowed to do half the work for half the pay,

IANAGE, but no, that is not allowed.

> or
> should we simply extend each part of the project? (But I certainly won't
> have time to mentor two students).

If you can get another mentor, then yes, that would work. You would probably
want to contact each student to have them clarify on their applications which
aspect they would be focusing on. These would be two separate projects, and when
May 22nd comes around, it may turn out that one of them will not be selected.
The students would each be paid the full amount separately if they succeed.
Fernando Pérez and I did something similar last year.

Robert Kern

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