[SoC2010-General] [GSoC] another Py3 implementation

Lucian Branescu lucian.branescu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 21:30:30 CET 2010

Hi, I'm Lucian.

I'd like to apply for this year's GSoC with an alternative Python 3
implementation that has the potential to achieve things impossible or
very hard with CPython 3. There are 2 options:

1) PyPy already has a good and very fast python 2.5 interpreter,
complete with several high-peformance generational GCs and a JIT
generator. I would implement 2.6 features and, if time permits, 3.0 as

2) Pynie (the python compiler for parrot) is quite sketchy right now.
It implements full 3.0 grammar, but not much beyond that. My
priorities would be implementing objects and modules, other things
would fall into place later. The Parrot VM offers a lot of high level
functionality and interoperability with other parrot languages, but it
doesn't have JIT yet and its GC is a simple mark&sweep stop-the-world

I am currently inclined towards PyPy because it's much more complete
and flexible and it's implemented in (R)Python to boot.

What do you think I should apply with? Why?

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