[SoC2010-General] Project Idea: PySWIP

Manuel Rotter rotter.manuel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 08:06:18 CET 2011

Hello all

It's the first time I try to participate on the GSoC and
I'm coming with an idea.

Some time ago, I wanted to make a program written in Python, that uses
Prolog. Since I'm using Python 3, I had troubles finding an interface
that allows me using Prolog from within Python. Also, last time I
checked there was no actively developed Prolog interface, not even for
Python 2. And Python really needs one ;)

This is why I decided to further work on an existing project:

I'd hope to fix all currently reported bugs, then port it to Python 3,
fix probably upcoming new bugs and then maybe port this interface to
other Prolog implementations(for Python 2 and Python 3).
This interfaces uses ctypes and SWI-Prolog's shared library, to let
the programmer query prolog from within python.

But as far as I understood everything yet, I have to search for a
mentor first, before I write my application. This is why I'd like to
know whether my project is suitable and where I could find my future

(I already wrote a mail to soc2011-general, claiming that the wiki
page is wrong)

Greetings naeg

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