[Soc2012-general] Where to find Gsoc 2012 ideas list?

drake01 drakeoone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 11:54:48 CET 2012

 Hi Guys,

 I would love to join PSF as a GSOC student this year.. Browsing
previous year's gsoc pages on wiki.python.org, I see ideas list for
respective years. Where can I find this year's ideas list??  The
previous year's ideas list shows a number of projects listed. Are we
open to student's own ideas or only the listed ones (I couldn't find
for year 2012, though).After deciding to contribute to one of my
favorite programming language, Python (ofcourse), I searched for
relevant source code for the project and cloned a few of the Mercurial
repositories from python.org.
 Right now going through the codebase, I would like to contribute some
code as soon as possible (you know that RERO thing). Want to save some
time  and start coding asap.
 Guidance?? Pointer to Pages, I should look at? manuals? and other
documents? would be great. Any other advice on how should I go about
codebase would be great too.. :)

 By the way, I consider myself an intermediate Python Programmer. Also
know C, C++ well..

Online pseudonym: drake01, drakeo1

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