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Дмитрий Селютин ghostmansd at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 23:22:46 CEST 2012

Hello everyone!

Since I started using Lunux I always visit http://libux.org.ru website to
keep up with the latest news about Open Source. Once I found an
advertisement about GSoC-2012 there and decided to take part in this
I have been studying programming for about a year, and now I know bash and
Python. Recently I have begun working on two projects: Latin electronic
dictionary (http://sf.net/p/quirinus) and library to operate with four
types of streams (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/streaming-fileutils). There
are only first versions of these projects so far, so I'm going to add a lot
of new functions later. Both projects were done under the license GNU GPL
v3. If you want more information, you can write me directly (these projects
were recently released, so there is no full documentation yet). Sources are
available for downloading.
And now about what I'd like to do in GSoC project. The first thing I'd like
to do is to implement support of Unicode in Python 2, because a lot of
people use it. I've almost achieved this objective, but there is still much
to be done. For example, it would be great to improve fstream class to use
it without gzip, bzip2, lzop and xz binaries. The second is to help
developers of PyQt and PySide to improve their products. I really like Qt
framework and I think that it's a very good point to start.
I hope that participation in GSoC programme will help me to dive into the
Open Source world, meet new people and develop my programming skills.

*С уважением,*
*Дмитрий Селютин*
*мобильный: +7(985)334-07-70*
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