[Soc2012-general] Proposal of PySide/Python support for Qt Creator

Mort mort.yao at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 19:36:48 CEST 2012

Hello everyone!

I'm posting here because I would like to add support for Python/PySide on
Qt Creator, and hopefully, as a Google Summer of Code project.

I don't know if there are many people interested in this idea, but for
those people who ever worked in both C++ and Python with Qt / PySide, an
all-in-one IDE should be no harmful, at least. And if you find great fun in
making GUIs using QtCreator's designer, as well as programming in
Python/PySide, you know what I'm talking about:-)
I realized that the PySide community once had made some effort to write a
plugin to add Python support into Qt Creator (from what I found on the
GitHub PySide/QtCreator <https://github.com/PySide/QtCreator> repository),
however, for some reason it discontinued (that's as far as I know). From
what I see in discussion forums, people keep wanting Python support in Qt
Creator, and Tobias said though it is not a priority right now, he would
like to see someone contributing in this area. I'm eager to see (and also
eagerly need myself) an IDE with PySide support therefore I'm thinking of
taking it as a GSoC project.

The main goal of this project is to add fully functional Python/PySide
support in a "feature branch" of Qt Creator, as well as some extra
components such as optional Python/PySide-related plugins, PySide (and
Shiboken) tutorials, demos and examples inside Qt Creator's helper system.
Code contributes back to both Qt Creator and PySide repo via Gerrit.

Blog post of my full proposal (with detailed schedule):
Take a look if you'r interested in, and feel free to comment on,
suggestions, criticisms, anything :) I will be updating that page.
Planned working repo: https://gitorious.org/~mort/qt-creator/qt-creator-py

Many thanks for reading this, and any feedback is needed please!

p.s. one question: from what I read in
http://wiki.python.org/moin/SummerOfCode/2012 , prospective students are
required to "contribute at least one patch to the project(s) they're
applying to work with". Although the idea of PySide/Python support for
QtCreator exists on the PySide idea page, there does not exist anything
related in the official PySide repo (I believe I will be working on a
QtCreator fork instead of a PySide repo). So how do I get started? Does a
patch for QtCreator count?

Best Regards,

Mort Yao
Email: mort.yao at gmail.com
Address: Olastorpsvägen 23:119, 29139 Kristianstad, Sweden
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