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Submitted By: Owen Mathias (jesse_custer)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Dead Button Issues... 

Initial Comment:
I have the well documented problem ("Toolbar items 
appear, but fail to work") with a SpamBayes install on 
my boss' system. He has Outlook 2000 SP3 installed in 
Windows 2000.

Please before responding to this read the first sentence 
of my post. I know this is a known issue and that there 
are fixes already posted on the FAQ pages and in the 
Troubleshooting guide. I have gone to great lengths to 
follow those tips to the letter in trying to solve this 
problem. My problem isn't that I can't read or follow 
instructions. I wouldn't be posting on here if that was 
who I am.

That said. The problem I have (and many others, though 
they are happily running again with the fixes) is that the 
button "delete as spam" appears but then does nothing. 
I am able to "fix" this by either:

renaming the outcmd.dat file to outcmd.bak


deleting my spambayes toolbar and restarting outlook


uninstalling/reinstalling spambayes (with antivirus 

Unfortunatly, none of these actually "fixes" the problem 
for long. After deleting 2 or 3 spam messages, 
the "delete as spam" button goes dead. I can click it, an 
hourglass will even show up indicating that it WANTs to 
move this message to the New Spam folder, but nothing 


>Comment By: Tim Peters (tim_one)
Date: 2003-12-18 12:17

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Wow!  I've been trying to provoke database corruption on 3 
different Outlooks for 3 months without success!   
jesse_custer, you're one lucky fellow <wink>.  Did something 
very unusual happen while you've been fiddling with this ... 
like forced reboots, power outages, or killing Outlook manually 
from Task Manager while Outlook was in active use?  Do you 
have other Outlook addins installed?  A virus scanner?


Comment By: Kenny Pitt (kpitt)
Date: 2003-12-18 12:10

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The logfile indicates a known database corruption issue, 
although this may be the first report of it happening in the 
Outlook plug-in.  For now, there is no fix, only a workaround.  
You will need to delete *.db in your data directory and then 

This is mentioned in the FAQ (#5.3), but not in the Outlook 
section.  I apologize if this is one of the workarounds you've 
already tried, but it wasn't mentioned in your description.


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