[spambayes-bugs] Unable to start service on NT4 (sp6a)

Bradley Richards bradley at kri.ch
Wed Dec 10 05:24:23 EST 2003


This may be a Python problem rather than a SpamBayes bug - but I'm just a
naive sys-admin looking for a spam solution...

I've installed Python 2.3.2, win32all-163 and spambayes 1.0a7 on our gateway
machine, which is running NT4 sp6a. All users read e-mail through this
machine, which makes it the logical place to hook in a spam filter.

When I try to start the POP3 proxy service, I receive the error message

  The procedure entry point RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExW
  could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll

The precise NT version info: 4.00.1381
The ADVAPE32.dll version is 4.00, dated 18 Nov 99

Any help appreciated!



Bradley Richards
bradley at kri.ch

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