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Category: Outlook
Group: Source code 1.0a6
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 7
Submitted By: Gilles Tessier (gillesmt)
Assigned to: Mark Hammond (mhammond)
Summary: Outlook shuts down 

Initial Comment:
I have XP Pro with all the updates installed and SP1 
ronning Outlook 2000 and Spambayes 08.1 
and Norton 2003
Installation went well. Outlook opens and check for 
messages. If there are messages, Outlook automatically 
shuts down without downloading them. I have to use 
Outlook express to get my mail. Prior to installing SB I 
could send & receive mail without problems.


Comment By: Pete Marion (ima_user)
Date: 2003-12-30 14:27

Logged In: YES 

I have sporadic problems with Outlook as well.  After closing 
Outlook, check your task manager for running processes to 
see if Outlook is still running.  If it is, select the process 
(Outlook.exe) and end task. 
I will look into how to resolve this Outlook related issue.


Comment By: Brian Schkerke (talonius)
Date: 2003-12-22 10:38

Logged In: YES 

Windows XP Professional SP1 (fully patched), Microsoft 
Outlook 2003 (fully patched through Office Update), Norton 
Antivirus Client 2003 Corporate Edition.

After a fresh reboot I can load Outlook and SpamBayes and 
everything works wonderfully.  If I shut Outlook down it will 
no longer load successfully.  It only comes up, displays the 
first message, and then shuts itself back off.

My log file looks like this (I do not see a way for me to attach 
files to this bug):

Loaded bayes database from 'C:\Documents and 
Loaded message database from 'C:\Documents and 
Bayes database initialized with 2197 spam and 7158 good 
SpamBayes Outlook Addin, Binary version 0.81 (September 9, 
2003) starting (with engine SpamBayes Beta2, version 0.2 
(July 2003))
on Windows 5.1.2600 (Service Pack 1)
using Python 2.3+ (#46, Aug  6 2003, 16:39:24) [MSC v.1200 
32 bit (Intel)]
SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder  Inbox
SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder  Junk E-mail
Processing 0 missed spam in folder 'Inbox' took 0.34334ms
Error finding the MAPI folders for a folder switch event
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "out1.pyz/addin", line 1071, in OnFolderSwitch
  File "out1.pyz/msgstore", line 337, in GetFolder
NotFoundException: NotFoundException: Exception 
0x8004010a (MAPI_E_OBJECT_DELETED): OLE error 

Thank you!

Brian Schkerke


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