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Category: Outlook
Group: Outlook 008
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Kevin Wladyka (kwladyka)
Assigned to: Mark Hammond (mhammond)
Summary: Old filters still in place - 2 COM servers

Initial Comment:
While using an older version of SpamBayes (version 0.3) 
the filtering would continually move some good emails to 
my deleted items folder (the folder I selected for SPAM 
emails) no matter how much I trained it.  

I decided to remove this version and start over with the 
current version (0.81).  After the uninstall of version 0.3 
and then the install of version 0.81, the first thing I 
found was that I could no longer move SPAM to the 
deleted items folder since it was not a listed choice.  (I 
hope this can be changed as I much prefer to move 
SPAM there when the program is working well. Otherwise 
it is a several step process to permanently delete 

However, these same aforementioned emails were still 
being moved to the deleted items folder under version 
0.81.  (Note I have no other rules setup in Outlook and 
when SpamBayes is uninstalled this does not happen).

I have also tried to uninstall and completely remove the 
SpamBayes directories both in C:\Program Files and 
under my Document and Settings profile and in the add-
in sections for Outlook in the registry and then reinstall.  
Still the problem exists. 

I also noticed that while SpamBayes appears to work 
fine other than the above issue, the add-in does not 
appear in the Outlook Com add-ins any longer.  The 
SpamBayes log states :
Addin terminating: 2 COM client and 2 COM servers exist.


>Comment By: Kevin Wladyka (kwladyka)
Date: 2003-11-04 10:46

Logged In: YES 

Mark, thanks for the analysis.  The early versions of 
Spambayes did allow for the movement of SPAM to the 
Deleted Items folder which is how I had my plug-in setup.  
That may be the source of the problem.  For me, assuming 
the filter was working correctly why not move the SPAM right 
to the Deleted Items Folder?  Any way, I understand why 
that would not work for most people (I run a computer 
consulting business) but for me it was optimal.

I have the program running with several of my clients.  No 
one has this problem.  However, no one was ever setup to 
push the SPAM to the deleted folders and of course with the 
later versions that is not a choice anyway.

I've found no log indicating that email is getting moved to the 
deleted items folder.  However, each log says that "Addin 
terminating: 2 COM client and 2 COM servers exist" thus, it 
must be so?  

I know that all email from some of my clients was always 
seen as SPAM and moved to my selected SPAM folder (which 
was deleted items).  I wanted to start anew and the newer 
version did not allow the movement to the deleted items any 
more.  However, the same clients still when to the deleted 
items folder as before.

I've attached another log file showing the Spambayes 
reviewing the email as it comes in.

There are no Com Add-in's listed in Outlook, not even 
SpamBayes is listed.  I hope the problem can be found.  I 
imagine wiping out and re-creating my desktop profile might 
be a work-a-round but it would be nice to not have to go 
there if possible.

Thanks again.


Comment By: Mark Hammond (mhammond)
Date: 2003-10-26 17:23

Logged In: YES 

Unfortunately, we can not use "Deleted Items" as the
destination for Spam, as this would screw up the way we
train - all good items also moved to this folder would be
assumed to be Spam - almost certainly not what you want.

It should be impossible for 2 plugins to be running at the
same time, as they use identical "Ids".  Further, the log
you attached does not show SpamBayes moving any items.  Can
you find a log where SpamBayes is indicating it is moving
the Spam to "deleted items"?  Are you sure there are no
other installed plugins that could be doing this?


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