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Bugs item #842682, was opened at 2003-11-15 11:57
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Category: Outlook
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Raven Mask (ravenmask)
Assigned to: Mark Hammond (mhammond)
Summary: Menu Buttons for "Suspected Spam" are incomplete

Initial Comment:
For items in the "Suspected Spam" folder one needs 
buttons both for "Delete As Spam" and "Recover from 
Spam".  In practice I never see both buttons, and it is a 
bit variable which button actually appears - 
usually "Delete As Spam", but very occasionally "Recover 
from Spam".  I haven't been able to work out the factor 
causing the different behaviours.
I have renamed my "Suspected Spam" folder to "Spam 
Suspects" (so that it collates in my folder list next to 
the Spam folder) - could this be the factor?


>Comment By: Raven Mask (ravenmask)
Date: 2003-11-19 11:50

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Oops - you're right!

But in self defense I must point out that the order of the 
SpamBayes buttons is variable - because sometimes I see 
one, and sometimes the other.  This variability may be a 
function of the last folder I looked at prior to looking at "Spam 
Suspects" or the previous SpamBayes action that I took - but 
I'm not sure about this.  Anyway, from a UI standpoint this 
variation is undesirable and guaranteed to confuse!

Also, a suggestion: Is it possible to have smaller button 
labels, such as "Is Spam" and "Not Spam", in order to minimise 
contention on the button space?

I should say that overall I'm most impressed by SpamBayes.  
It does a nice classification job, it doesn't take too much 
system resource to run, and the UI is the minimum necessary 
to do the job.   What more could one ask?


Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2003-11-18 03:04

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Are you sure you aren't just not seeing one of the buttons?  
Do you get the little continuator (a little down arrow) beside 
the last visible button?  The name of the folder shouldn't have 
any effect, and you should always have both buttons 
available (although both may not fit on the screen at once, 
depending on your setup).


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